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We are a Community of Kind souls who believe there is a fitness for everyone out there. We practice kindness amongst our community to ensure positive relationships all around.   

Why Choose US ?

The Founder of Colossal athlete has got years of experience in these respective fields. He build this foundation through personal experience and helping others achieve their goals. 

“We all strive to achieve certain goals, but when do we actually decide to make a lifestyle out of our success?”

Here at CA we want to help you be healthier, happier and comfortable with your level of fitness.


We are real people and thus we understand that what you are going through and therefore we relish in your success


If you are achieving then we are succeeding!


There is never a need to drop your standards of achieving your goals and being happy


Quality is a strong word and it has taken a lot of hard work to build up a good reputation. CA is happy to provide the best quality in our products and services

Ready to make that Change ?

Meet Our Pillars of Success


Riaangrim Joubert

Founder of CA
BootCamp Instructor
Sports Nutrionist


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